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Stay Connected

LinkedIn Page

Follow our Penn State Smeal – Corporate Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIENT) Linkedin page to stay engaged with Smeal and the Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Engage with PSU Corporate Innovators & Entrepreneurs

Join our private LinkedIn group, Corporate Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (CIENT) – Smeal College of Business, to engage directly with fellow corporate innovators & entrepreneurs from the Penn State Smeal and Farrell Center network.

Farrell Center Experienceship Program

For companies, apply to obtain access to student interns funded by the university. For students, apply to gain professional experience as an intern. Learn more here.

Farrell Center Mentoring

Our students value mentoring opportunities specific to their interests in corporate innovation & entrepreneurship. For experienced professionals who want to stay engaged, there are many opportunities to engage with motivated students. For students, there are opportunities to connect with mentors who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences to expedite learning.