Advisory Network

Advisory Network

Propel Business Advisory Network

The Propel Business Advisory Network (Advisory Network) is offered by the Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship under the Propel Business: New Venture and Innovation program. The Advisory Network is a dedicated community of Smeal-affiliated entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, business leaders, and service providers. This network of business professionals serves as a resource for students, alumni, faculty, and staff of Penn State’s Smeal College of Business, as well as others associated with Penn State.

Download the Advisory Network one-pager or read our FAQ to learn more about the Advisory Network.

If you are interested in joining the Advisory Network, please contact us.

Business Development group of people

Advisory Network Members

Advisory Network Members may identify as a corporate innovator, entrepreneur, and/or service provider. Our members evidence a depth and breadth of industry and functional experience.

Corporate Innovators: corporate strategy, corporate development, product development & management, research & development, corporate venture capital, intrapreneur

Entrepreneurs: startup founder, family business / private company operator, investor (e.g., venture capital, angel, private equity, etc.), inventor, engineer, creative

Service Providers: consultant, accounting, tax, financial services, legal, research, IT, HR

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Resources

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How do members of the Advisory Network engage with the Smeal community?

  • Networking
  • Mentorship
  • Subject Matter Insights
  • Recruitment Opportunities
  • Guest Lectures and Speaking (on-campus and virtually)

What are the benefits of being an Advisory Network member?

  • Stay connected with the Smeal entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem
  • Support the next generation of Smeal entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Broaden your network by connecting with fellow Advisory Network members
  • Access networking events and broaden opportunities for collaboration

What differentiates the Propel Business Advisory Network from other Smeal programs?

This curated network of business leaders and service providers supports new venture creation, corporate innovation, small business development, and venture funding efforts.

What is expected of an Advisory Network member?

  • Is interested in, and passionate about, supporting Smeal’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • Is able to participate in periodic meetings and other collaborative events involving fellow Advisory Network members
  • While there is not a defined time commitment as a condition of membership, members are asked to dedicate at least 5 hours per year to Advisory Network activities

Who can be a member of the Propel Business Advisory Network?

Smeal alumni and supporters with various industry and functional areas of expertise who are:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Corporate Innovators
  • Service Providers

How can Smeal students and alumni engage with Advisory Network members?

Smeal students and alumni are encouraged to reach out directly to Advisory Network members via Linkedin following professional best practices. To increase the likelihood of response, students and alumni should include a reference to Penn State Smeal Propel Business Advisory Network in their messaging to Advisory Network members. Please Contact Us if you need additional support engaging with the Advisory Network.

Interested in engaging with the Propel Business Advisory Network?

Contact us today if you are a Smeal alum/supporter and are interested in joining the Propel Business Advisory Network.